About Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn

60 Million m² and counting

Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn has firmly planted itself as Australia’s favourite lawn, and Australia’s best home lawn, with over 60 million metres being sold since it was first introduced in 1997. Why has it become so popular? Without a doubt Sir Walter soft leaf buffalo lawn has proved to be the best performing lawn grass for our harsh Australian conditions, from the cool tablelands, the dry west to the tropical north. No other lawn turf combines such a comprehensive range of attributes into one easy-to-care-for variety:

  • Australia’s Number 1 Buffalo Lawn
  • Drought tolerant and tough
  • Requires little mowing and fertilising
  • Disease and fungus resistant
  • Great in full sun and shade
  • Australian Born and Bred
  • Weed resistant
  • Self repairing
  • Salt tolerant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Soft to touch
  • Low allergy
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

When you purchase Australia’s favourite buffalo lawn, Sir Walter, you’re not just buying a new lawn; you’re buying a whole new way of life. Sir Walter buffalo lawn is lush and green, with a tight growth habit to hold out most weeds and the ability to repair itself quickly.

The same Sir Walter Buffalo you know and love

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo lawn is still the same; much loved Aussie lawn that has been Australia’s No. 1 buffalo lawn for over 15 years.

Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn has stood the test of time, proving time and time again that it will go anywhere and grow anywhere; in full sun or shade, in extreme heat, frost or drought. It’s still the same Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn and we plan to keep it that way.  DNA Certified Sir Walter will continue to show these great qualities, with the assurance the product you are purchasing is true Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn with genetic assured purity.

Always look for the Sir Walter DNA Certified logo and be sure to check you have received a copy of Lawn Solutions Australia 10-year product warranty certificate with your order.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn is exclusively available from Lawn Solutions Australia 


Quality Guaranteed

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo lawn can only be grown and supplied by a select group of expert turf producers, each fully licensed and committed to delivering the best quality turf with customer service second to none.

To ensure you receive only the best in both your premium turf and expert advise, insist on seeing our ‘10 Year Product Warranty’ issued with every delivery of genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn Turf. This ensures you receive the best quality turf in the peak of condition. No surprises, no imitations, no problems.

RRP $13.50m2

Price may vary from state to state and for different quantities ordered.