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Loveyourlawn is the ultimate online lawn care guide offering lawn care advice for all regions of Australia and all grass varieties including Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass.

It truly is all your lawn care advice in one place. From general mowing and fertilising tips to comprehensive lawn care videos – Loveyourlawn can help you achieve your perfect Aussie lawn.

Environmental Benefits of Turf

Did you know that you can cool your home by laying turf! Find out more about
the environmental benefits of turf.

General Lawn Care and Maintenance

General lawn care and maintenance, from mowing height, watering regimes

to fertilising, scarifying and aeration – all the general lawn care
advice you need.




Lawn Installation & Soil Preparation

From lawn selection and planning to installation and establishment –
this section provides all the information you need to install and
maintain your new lawn.

Lawn selection

How do you select the right grass variety for your project? Advice about how to choose the right lawn for you.

Lawn watering guides

Water is an important element in your lawn care and maintenance program.
This section contains all you
need to know about long-term watering,
water quality and retention.

Seasonal Lawn Care

Seasonal lawn care advice from When to fertilise,
mow, water and generally
look after your turf. These seasonal lawn care
tips will help you have the best looking lawn in the street.

Tools of the Trade

Tools and equipment required for all your lawn care projects.

Weeds, Pests & Diseases

Common weeds, pests and diseases that could affect your beautiful lawn. We give you the information to keep them at bay.