Introducing a range of Premium Lawn Care Products

Not only does Sir Walter provide you Australia’s no.1 buffalo lawn, but it now also has a range of Premium Lawn Care Products available, many specially developed to optimise the performance of your Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn.

Whatever the season, whatever your lawn’s condition or needs, Sir Walter, with Lawn Solutions Australia now stock a range of handy items from specially blended fertilisers, soil additives, test kits, pest & weed control – even Sir Walter Buffalo branded merchandise! Products are available for purchase at the Lawnstore.

Lawn Solutions Australia Premium Fertiliser

Developed by the team that brought you Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo, included in the range is Lawn Solutions Australia Premium Fertiliser. Developed for use on Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn, it works equally well on other lawn varieties such as Nullarbor Couch, Eureka Kikuyu, Platinum Zoysia, RTF Fescue and all other lawn types. Lawn Solutions Australia Premium fertiliser delivers a balanced NPK and all the minor nutrients the turf needs to recover, grow and maintain excellent colour.

Lawn Solutions Australia Lawn Launcher

Lawn Solutions Australia Lawn Launcher is a product used BEFORE you lay your turf. Mixed in with your turf underlay, Lawn Solutions Australia Lawn Launcher contains a restoring starter fertiliser with nutrient accelerator for health root growth. Lawn Solutions Australia Lawn Launcher is a premium blend of fertiliser and moisture magnets water crystals, that should be used before laying a new lawn. Lawn Solutions Australia Lawn Launcher has a ready supply of essential nutrients vital for strong plant and root establishment in all new lawns. In addition to this, its water storage crystals reduce the risks involved in establishment during dry times.

ColourGuard – The Natural Grass Colourant

ColourGuard, exclusive to Lawn Solutions Australia, is a 100%organic and non-toxic grass colourant. You can greatly improve the appearance of your lawn at anytime of the year. ColourGuard is not a lawn paint, it is an organic pigment that is naturally absorbed by the grass leaf blade, it also protects your lawn during harsh, hot weather by acting like a sunscreen. By screening out the harmful UV rays, but still allowing filtered light to hit the leaf blade. ColourGuard will protect your lawn during even the hottest summer months.

These and many other premium lawn care products are available from Sir Walter DNA certified growers, resellers and online at